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Think Tank / Odd awesome weapons
« on: April 17, 2009, 05:36:59 PM »
I have some different ideas for new weapons. The one I've been thinking about for the longest time is the flamethrower. The idea is that you can buy a flamethrower and that your playing buddy buys some cans of gasolines. I think that it will be some nice action with these in the arsenal.
Another idea me and my friend (Gifflo) have considered is some C4. I think that would be great on the Polar Bears. You could plant some C4 when they show up and then blow them up as late as possible when it's a big "danger", just for fun.
And the final weapon, a harpoon with a grenade at the tip of the harpoon "arrow" (have no idea what it's called) just like good old Rambo used to have.

Thanks for reading this post and please come with comments and more ideas for cool weapons.


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