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Strategies / The Ultimate Seal Hunter Guide
« on: June 23, 2011, 02:42:37 PM »
Well first off I plan on making this the most in depth, impressive guide ever so I will explain every level and loads of strategies.
On Level 1 we start out with our good friend the USP Pistol. The goal is simple, eliminate the Brown Seals with two headshots as this will give you 20 more $ and finish them off quicker. No one will take you seriously in Seal Hunter if you can't get at least 90% headshots on Brown Seals. Now clearly this is not as easy as it seems for new players, the sliding on ice will get some getting used to. What works best for me, as I'm sure is the best method, is to run to your destination and then stop yourself with the opposite keys; so essentially if you want to run up, run up and once you reach your destination then simple tap the back key so you stop. Once you've mastered this you can get the maximum number of points you need on Level 1.. or can you? You can actually obtain more points in Seal Hunter by overkilling the enemy, this can be done by using grenades or the pistol-magnum combo on Level 1. The pistol-magnum combo is easy to do, all one needs to do is shoot a seal in the head with his pistol, then switch to his magnum and finish them off with a headshot. Done correctly, the seal will explode and you will be rewarded with an extra 15 points. But wait, you've decided to use the MP5, a wise choice considering the MP5 is arguably overpowered and can get you to Level 4 without a problem. Although the MP5 is fully automatic, it does not excuse you from getting headshots; it's actually rather easy to get headshots with too once I explain the accuracy of the gun. The MP5 shoots in three places; middle, above middle, and below middle. If you aim slightly above the head of a seal then you can hit the Seal in the head with both the middle and below middle shots while the above middle shot flies off in the distance. If you aim at their head however; the below middle shot will hit them in the body, causing you to lose a couple of points. Now let us go to the grenades. The grenades are an odd weapon in Seal Hunter as it is both underpowered and overpowered. When enemies are beyond the middle way point then it is a rubbish weapon, when they are in front of it however, it is a weapon to be feared (it also overkills the enemy, granting you more points). Overall I'd say the grenade shouldn't be touched unless playing a 3-4 player game; 2 if you're rather daring. The grenades are very tricky to use and unfortunately it's really up to you if you want to be good with them because all I really can explain is that if you go forward and throw one then it will go farther and if you go backwards and throw one it will land closer next to you - and that's really not helpful. With this weapon, practise makes perfect. The boss on this level is the Fat Seal, and he is quite easy. He regains his health when he stands still so no use hitting him when he's like that. Just wait till he starts moving and then shoot him (in the eye if possible as it grants a 1.25x multiplier). It is possible to kill the Fat Seal with only the beginning pistol. Once you kill that boss (which is so easy I don't think deserves more explanation) you're off to Level 2. Let me explain the weapons a little more though.

If you have a pistol at this time, it is time to get a weapon. Preferably something less or equally expensive as a Shotgun.
If you have a Magnum, stick with it until you are ready for a Shotgun (if you plan on taking out the Polar Bears with this) OR an M16 or higher
If you have a MP5, same thing as above.
If you have a grenade, same thing as above.

The weapons I use in 1 player are MP5 -> Carl Gustav -> AWP; which I will explain later.
In two player I use MP5/Magnum -> Carl Gustav/AWP/Minigun (depending on the circumstance and if my teammate has lots of money)
In three player I use the same thing as in two player.
In four player I use the same thing as in two player.

The MP5 is always your best bet because it's easy, efficient, consistent, and costs hardly anything - as I said before, you can easily make it to Polar Bears (sometimes even past Polar Bears (in 2 player +)) with this weapon.

*Level 2 - Level 5 to come later

General / Where are you Toumaz?!
« on: June 21, 2011, 06:17:08 PM »
Not to be an ass but are we ever gonna get a new update?! I love Seal Hunter but it's losing it's fun when there are no new weapons or levels, if you would like to I can design (new levels sort of like a DLC), all you would have to do would be to code it. (Ex I would make the graphics and health for new enemies etc). I can also donate money if this would speed up the process lol

General / Update?
« on: March 11, 2011, 06:17:34 PM »
When Seal Hunter launched I played for like three weeks straight but then I got bored and left, now returning I realise that there (sadly) has not been an update with new guns and things of that nature.  Toumaz I know your a busy guy but could you perhaps throw in something to re spark my love for Seal Hunter, such as a new weapon? Something simple that wouldn't take very long to make, I'm just really craving more Seal Killing and it's old doing the same strat over and over and fighting the same boss over and over. Come to think of it, maybe you could make a new boss instead of the Walrus? (For instance, when making a server you can set it to the boss of your choosing). I'd be happy to make character designs and organize stats for balanced gameplay so the only thing you would have to do would be to code it. 

Think Tank / New Weapon
« on: August 13, 2010, 02:15:32 PM »
Ladies and Gentleman, the Panzerfaust 3:


Perhaps the coolest looking rocket launcher the world has ever known, should be included in this game because of its fine look and explosions of beastitude.

It would function like a Carl Gustav with a far longer reload but with lets say 1100 damage and a 65 px radius (exageration pehaps, bottom line: needs to be beefy). I noticed Toumaz mentioned something about adding the Ruger 77 well I think it would be dumb having two bolt action snipers in a game where instead you could have a big badass rocket launcher take it's place. Feel free to discuss and vote in the poll.

Not to mention if you use the Carl Gustav correctly (which I have recently been doing and it is crazy beast) it acts simlarily to a faster shooting / less damage dealing sniper rifle.

Instead of the Ruger 77 you could direct your attention here or a weapon that would have a similar feel (but with a lot more awesomeness)

Strategies / How do you kill the Walrus?
« on: August 12, 2010, 09:36:10 PM »
I've been reaching the Walrus quite often nowadays, even in one player, and it keeps eating me after I first dodge it. How do you guys kill this guy? I know you have to like time the recoil or something, but it's rather vague. When I get to the Walrus in one player I usually have a Minigun and Carl Gustav OR Minigun and AWP. How do you kill this guy?

Think Tank / "Host Games" Thread
« on: August 12, 2010, 12:43:56 AM »
There should be a fourm subsection called, "Host Games" so players can organize games and play with other good players. Most people dont set up hosting or are playing a locked game or w/e, and when you DO get a game it can be with bad players.. it's very frustrating.

Plus I want to play a game know, so can anyone host so we can play? (Im out of town right now or else I would be hosting on my home computer)

Tech Support / Bug Reports / 5 Player Glitch
« on: August 11, 2010, 11:28:28 PM »
Played a game today where we had three players and two joined simaltaneously, there was 5 polar bears and everything, it was crazy. Btw Toumaz if you want to fix this glitch just make it so the game checks before starting a game whether there is the appropriate number of players or not :p


p.s. the match was Match #19425 (I believe) if you are curious

Think Tank / Booby Trapping
« on: August 09, 2010, 04:16:25 PM »
Toumaz said about guns
For an extra bonus, it should also encourage diversity and to a certain extent put the player using it in a specific role
in his topic regarding this forums section. This made me think that someone cannot use Land Mines as a legitatmate weapon because it doesn't really have a specific role. Therefore, it may be a good idea to create other booby traps to create a sort of, "booby trap" role.

You can suggest other types of booby traps below but one of my ideas was to add remote C-4 in the game. It would work simiarly to a grenade but essectially you would throw a C-4 and then dentonate it by tapping your shoot button twice (or maybe Toumaz could make another button dedicated to C-4 dentonation). It would have a large cool down time, but because there is a different dentonation button you could have multiple C-4's on the field (which is why it would need a large cool down time, you could perhaps even combine C-4's with Land Mines in an epic combo)

Think Tank / Weapon Boosts
« on: August 09, 2010, 03:05:20 AM »
A few weapons are to weak in the game and need to be boosted.

Carl Gustav is pretty good but I'd rather use the good ol' AWP than it, (which is obviously less money) which says that the Carl Gustav is a tad weak, therefore I purpose the weapon damage is boosted to 450 and the pixel spread is increased to 65. (The Carl Gustav is 400 damage with a 60 pixel spread as of version 1.0.1).

AWP needs to do a little bit more damage to Fat Seals because on lvl 5 you can pierce through one seal and shoot a Fat Seal in the head and it won't kill it. Now personally, I think if a sniper bullet hits only ONE enemy it should kill the fat seal behind it, but it shouldn't kill it if it goes through two or more.

(August 9th, 2010) Edit:
Land Mines are a fairly underused weapon except when fighting the Walrus, and quite frankly I think the Land Mines are a cheap and unskilled way of defeating it. Therefore I purpose that Land Mines come two to a pack (750$) and their damage is severly increased to 900 damage with the same pixel damage and arming time as before (by before I mean the stats of version 1.0.1), but the large difference is that Land Mines will have no effect on the Walrus, promoting a skilled victory over it, rather than a cheap and unskilled victory. With one pack of landmines (two individual land mines) you would be able to kill one Polar Bear on level 5. OR You could keep the Land Mines the same as 1.0.1 but create another weapon that can use it in combination, such as C-4. See the topic
(I would still prefer if they didn't affect the Walrus though)

I may post more of my opinions later but feel free to disagree or agree below. (Please do it in a respectful manor though).

Think Tank / Communication Ideas
« on: August 06, 2010, 03:48:02 AM »
Perhaps for the next update we can see when our team is reloading and how much money they have. This would make it far more easier because some people don't like to tell me how much money they have or are unable to by the horde of seals and you cannot adjust the strategy accordingly to help them get more cash.

Furthermore, it is sometimes hard to tell people what to aim for, for example, on the turtle boss I have to type to my team to move up and down and it wastes a lot of time. Therefore I suggest perhaps making the number keys have certain call outs. For example, if you push 7 it will appear as if you chated "Top", and 8 will appear as if you chated "Middle", and lastly, 9 will be "Bottom".

It would be also a good idea if 0 would chat "Switch". This would be helpful for some people because (I know I do) some people like to designate zones to people, ex. "you get the top and ill get the bottom", and they're certain occasions in SH where I need to switch with my teammate.

If there is a concern about spamming these buttons there could simply be a 2 second cool-down period on each of them so you can only say these things once every two seconds.

I think these ideas can provide more effective communication.

~Happy Hunting

General / How do you Increase Forum Status?
« on: August 05, 2010, 04:03:20 PM »
There are some people with stars under there name and also a different heading rather than the bland, "Newcomer". How does this forum system work? Is it based on how many times you post per day or something?

Tech Support / Bug Reports / How To Host With Linksys Routers
« on: August 05, 2010, 03:54:33 PM »
I'm making this guide for people to lazy to look it up on the internet.
This should work for mostly everyone's Linksys router - if it doesn't you'll have to troubleshoot your router with the website that Toumaz provided (see If yours doesn't work please do not reply and ask me how to do it because I don't know how to set up everyone single router in the world (obviously). Lastly, I'm not sure if this will work with Mac's because I use a PC.

Alright, let's get started.

Open up a web browser (ex. Internet Explorer, Safari, ect.) and type in
(This is the default and it should work)

Hit Enter.

You should get a username and password box, if you don't, go to the website that Toumaz provided and find out how to do it with your wireless router.

Enter your username and password, if you did not create custom settings when you first setup your router I believe the default settings are something like:
username: admin, password: password OR username: (leave it blank), password: admin.

If these are not your username's or password's, head over to this website to find the defaults for your router. (Remember you need to know the model number of your router!)

Once your in the router settings click on Setup and then Basic Setup. Find your ip address and keep it in mind. If you can't find your ip address follow the next steps in italics. Skip the next italicized steps if you can find your ip address.

Click the start menu, and find the application Run

Once you find the Run application type this code in cmd

Hit Enter.

You'll see a black box with white code in it, do not move anything and plainly type ipconfig/all.

This code will allow you to see almost all of your wireless router settings.

Find your ip address. Keep this in mind. It should look something like

Once you have your ip address click the Applications & Gaming tab and then click Port Range Forwarding.

This is where you change your ports so you can host a game.

In the Application Name box type in something like Seal Hunter, although you can name it whatever you want.

Then in both the Start ~ End Ports type in 33678.

Then in the Protocol box, type in UDP or set it to UDP.

In the IP Address box type in your ip address.

Then click the Enabled box.

And save your settings.

Remember everyone, this is a general topic thread so I can't get into any specifics. Furthermore, if you are still not able to host Seal Hunter games then please review Toumaz's guide

Strategies / Carl Gustav sucks on Polar Bears?
« on: August 04, 2010, 08:55:58 PM »
I shot a Polar Bear three times with the Carl Gustav and no kill... wtf

Tech Support / Bug Reports / Can't Move
« on: August 03, 2010, 05:41:33 PM »
Not that its very concerning but if you move to the top right hand corner of the map you get stuck there, it's actually rather humourous

Think Tank / New Original Weapon
« on: August 02, 2010, 07:38:25 PM »
Hello Toumaz,
I really appreciate you reading the forums so here's my idea, I don't think anyone has suggested it before

A flamethrower.

The statistics could be like:
M2 Flamethrower - $9000 (idk you'll have to balance it)
Damage: (idk you'll have to balance) but it'll decrease over range
Accuracy: It'd be like a shotgun dispersing

Clip Size: 35
Rate of Fire: Decrease by 1 every second
Reload Time: 1.2 Seconds
Pierce: This has a new kind of pierce, if the flamethrower touches any enemy it hurts them, this is balanced by the fact that the flamthrowers damage decreases by the length of the flame, so if you hit a seal at the tip of the flame it would do like 30 damage while if the seal was at the tip of the flamethrower it would do like 500 per second

Here's a small presentation I made of how I want the character to look (except in-game it would be of course 8-Bit form) it's a bid crudely drawn so bare with me haha, I'm not sure how long the flame should be so I just drew it
btw a quick note, the .swf file is blown up by I think 200% so keep that in mind

Obviously this thing needs to be balanced with all the other guns so I'm not sure how it would be in game but after all this is the Think Tank forum. I hope you will take my idea into consideration, cheers.

p.s. thanks for the awesome game, also if other people want to comment feel free lol

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