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Think Tank / Re: Show creature description at stat page
« on: August 23, 2010, 06:41:32 AM »
Yeah, idk if Toumaz did, but you can see all the stats of enemies, weapons, ect. at the starting menu of TSH

Actually, in TSH you can only see the stats of enemies you've encountered while playing. No spoilers about the final boss!

Think Tank / Re: Thoughts from a TSH developer
« on: August 22, 2010, 11:22:15 PM »
This version of Seal Hunter is indeed a very good one, I'm also quite impressed with your work Toumaz!

Regarding the gibs:
The chance of gib parts to explode into sub-parts was based on the hit points of the parts in TSH - each gib part had a randomly assigned number of hit points and whenever it bounced, it lost hit points equal to the speed (in the Z-direction) of impact. This, in conjunction with the speed of all parts of a gib being proportional to (from memory...) the square root of the damage of the hit that caused the gib, meant that parts that were created from a gib from a very powerful weapon (i.e. AWP) had a much greater chance of being subdivided into subparts while bouncing, thus increasing the total amount of gore from those gibs.

Each gib in The Seal Hunter produced 0-1 "torso"-giblet (i.e. big, unique speciec-specific giblets, like the flailing legs and pelvis of the activist), a bunch of species-specific gib-parts (fins, hands, arms, flippers, random pieces of flesh with appropriately colored fur), and a bunch of non-species specific parts (i.e. generic pieces of meat with or without bones, entrails, blubber, and other tissues), with larger enemies (i.e. activists) producing a couple of more parts. Gibs could also produce the proper head from the enemy in question. Since I believe you have the graphics for all these things, I'd love it if you'd implement it for more gibby goodness!

The specific amount of giblets created from each of the gibs from TSH in case you're interested:
Brown seals = 0-1 torso, 0-1 head, 2-4 seal giblets, 3-5 generic giblets
Activists = 0-1 torso, 0-1 head, 3-5 activist giblets, 5-8 generic giblets
Penguins = 0-1 torso, 0-1 head, 1-3 penguin giblets, 4-6 generic giblets
Seal cubs = 0-1 seal head, 0-2 generic giblets, 1-3 sub-giblets (i.e. scaled down giblets)
Chance to spawn a torso = 75%, head =50%. There was also a 2% chance to spawn one of the flying, exploding giblets like the ones from the epilogue :)

By the way, giblets had 1-15 "hit points" and lost hit points equal to their Z-speed when bouncing, if they reached 0 HP then they were subdivided (head = 2 small giblets, generic parts and species parts = 3 small giblets, torso giblets = 4 small giblets) which inherited the speed and direction of the parent giblet but with a certain spread.

One more tiny thing: You can't shoot the white seal cub during the activist's death animation in this version!


General / Re: Open beta
« on: April 08, 2010, 11:11:56 PM »
I'm waiting for some info from the original developers right now, plus I'm crazy busy working on a game project for school, so I'm not certain. With a bit of luck, we'll be able to skip the open beta and head straight for a full release. :)

Oh, sorry, didn't know our scoring-modifiers keep you waiting. I'll see to in this weekend, promise (most likely sunday). Stupid full-time education including compulsory saturdays.

General / Re: Your first seal hunt?
« on: March 21, 2010, 11:33:21 PM »
What a heart-warming story, I'm glad that you enjoy our little game. :)

General / Re: WWF panda
« on: December 07, 2009, 04:37:32 PM »
Or the random "giblet-fireworks" (i.e. the same as in the epilogue), or the random tiny pixel-art-fish :)

General / Re: Score of 500,000 possible or not?
« on: December 01, 2009, 04:04:40 PM »
Amazing highscores guys! How many seal kills so far? ;)

By the way, I'm terrible sorry if any highscores were deleted, that's not supposed to happen unless you fiddle with the .ini-file.  I've never seen it happen to me though, so it must be some weird bug with high score-values and checksums... :(

My single player scores are as follows:

Off-Topic / Re: Off-Topic
« on: December 01, 2009, 03:57:07 PM »
Pepsi Max is like crack and what allows for the late nights of coming up with weird ideas for enemies and weapons.

Strategies / Re: Sealhunter Tactics!
« on: December 01, 2009, 03:54:53 PM »
TheGopper + Dr_Beanie, it would seem that you are the most skilled players of The Seal Hunter 1.2 that I've ever heard of! Congratulations!

Me and asker have indeed tried to make the magnum (and MP5) viable throughout the game, if you're just skilled enough. The magnum damage actually increases over the levels, to make sure that it always kills an activist on a headshot, as well as a penguin. From our experience, activists + penguins + seal cubs cause about 75% or more of losses throughout the game.

The turtles were initially designed to be just about unbeatable with dual M4A1 due to the their annoying, cowardly behavior but we kinda loosened them up before release to allow more techs to be viable. Magnum to dual M4A1 should give pretty decent highscores, no?

News / Re: Statistical Laziness
« on: June 08, 2009, 03:45:51 PM »
It would be pretty cool to plot death causes vs. Y-coordinates, just to see if people tend to lose due to enemies slipping past them in the middle, or on the edges, or if it's fairly equally distributed. Also, plotting deaths vs. progress in the game (in a more detailed fashion than The Seal Hunter does (just tracking average progress)) could point out when you tend to die.

A detailed summary of how many of each enemies were killed by each player, and how much money each player earned from different sources would be pretty cool after each game, as well. Add total damage dealt over time as well, so you could see "aahhhh... when I buy grenade launcher on level 2 it increases my DPS by 238%, but if I buy it on level 4 when I have  dual mac-10s, it only increases DPS by 40%... maybe I should reconsider my tactics".


General / Re: seal hunting in public.
« on: May 20, 2009, 09:47:19 AM »
well as I posted in the tactics forum me and schmidt are going for almost the same nowadays it hilarious.

pistols -> Mac 10 -> Vintage *smirk* tihihi the vintage shotgun is just... Awesome as Barney Stinson would have said.

Double post merged May 19, 2009, 03:06:20 PM
I usually try and get dual mac 10s after the revolver then TRY and go for the double barreled shot gun. I only make it some of the time haha.

I tried that tact in single player, it worked out great finished it on the first try =) 194825 Score for thoose who are interested. I wasnt gibbin every brown seal with the 1 pistol shot + i revolver shot to get the money bonus I guess you can squeeze out a couple of extra thousands of score from that.

Starting on level 2 you can go 2x headshot with the pistol, followed by a magnum to the head, for even more score and money!

Oh, and I think you can do 3 headshots per activist with the pistol, followed by a magnum to the seal pup's head for maximum cash. Exceptionally hard, though, so you'd likely be better off just making sure you kill everything early enough :)

General / Re: The first gun
« on: May 07, 2009, 04:23:57 PM »
Light about to be shed!

To be honest, we never really talked too much about what kind of pistol the first weapon is. It's supposed to feel generic and  slightly underpowered to make you want to buy something better!

It is indeed labeled as USP but we don't use USP-sounds, since the USP sounds (and is!) powerful and deadly. I think it uses the sound effect of a P228 pistol, which (at least in Counter-strike) has 13 rounds, but the number 12 feels much cleaner than 13.

Consider it some cheap low-caliber gun that sealers use to euthanize wounded seals.

Think Tank / Re: Help me out: Rank Titles
« on: May 03, 2009, 05:59:44 PM »
Why not include a couple of bullshit-norwegian titles at the top levels - "kjempemesterlig saeledreper" or something.

But what about:
"Disgruntled fisherman"
"Norwegian patriot"
"Ruthless cub-clubber"
(is it against the rules to invent words in the title?)

Think Tank / Let's talk about activists!
« on: April 26, 2009, 10:33:11 PM »
Since Toumaz wanted each idea or concept to have it's own thread, I took the liberty of collecting a bunch of activist-related ideas into this thread. Activists have, as we know from the original game:
-Fastest base speed of all "weak" enemies
-Greatest tendency to move in Y-direction of ANY enemy
-Highest HP of all the standard "weak" enemies
-Two distinct weak spots: the head of the activist itself, and his Achilles heal - the head of the seal pup
In fact, the activist himself is just a transport for the real danger (the pup)

This of course makes them fairly formidable, especially compared to the basic brown seals and they contribute to a lot of losses. The fact that they are human also makes it possible to come up with lots of ideas on how else they could act, so without further babbling on my part, let's gather it here:

Idea #1 (Luskan/Axidial/NP/etc) -  A mammoth/a ship/orange inflatable boats that spawns activists:
The idea being, a vessel of some sort that releases a horde of activists at once. A real threat, since it takes alot of fire to bring down activists in great numbers, and they tend to spread out. Of these, the one that seems to make most sense is the orange boats:
-It is closest to how greenpeace operate in reality
-It's easiest to draw
-It opens for a lots of different skill-based attacks (i.e, you could be able to chuck grenades into the boat if you hit it perfectly, and doing so would of course gib everything inside, you could be able to shoot the activists in the head (one by one!) while in the boat, so that you don't have that many to deal with once the boat releases the rest etc. etc.)

Idea #2 (funkyhunter) - Activists on snowmobiles
This, I assume, would be a "upgrade" to the activists, i.e. starting on level X, every Y activist arrives on a snowmobile that travels at a  higher speed than ordinary activists. You could of course destroy the snowmobile by shooting it, forcing the activist to run instead, or you could hit the activist with a nice headshot (but doing so would keep the snowmobile running with the seal pup still alive!). This could be a nice boost to the activists on higher levels (i.e. on the current level 5), where they aren't that big a threat.

This idea is pretty close in concept to the activists themselves: the snowmobiles are just a carrying vessel for the activists, which in turn just carry the seal pup, which is the real threat. It would indeed be pretty neat if the seal pups kept upgrading their transportation device over the course of the levels :)

Idea #3 (funkyhunter) - Berserking activists
When you shoot the seal pup from the activist, instead of just screaming and running with the seal head, some of them would whip out a baseball bat and charge at one of the eskimoes. On making contact, I'd assume that he would hit the eskimo over the head, stunning him for X time, and then run off. It could of course be cool if he'd continue to hit until something stops him (i.e. another eskimo killing him), but that would make it pretty much instant death in single player.
The biggest problem with this is probably that the event that triggers it all (just killing the pup) is pretty rare, but other than that it could be pretty cool.

I know you are probably sick of my "back in pre-release-version X"-stories, but we did have a busload (literally!) of activists as the boss on level 4 for a while, and dropped it mostly due to the fact that we disliked mechanical devices (it isn't as much fun to blow up a bus as it is to gib something made of flesh and blood, or at least that was our opinion).

Think Tank / Re: Odd awesome weapons
« on: April 24, 2009, 05:41:40 PM »
We had a classic, stereotypical first-person-shooter-style rocket launcher in The Seal Hunter at one point (in the slot now occupied by the grenade launcher). It had a few problems:
-A near miss was a total miss, whereas the grenade launcher allows you to miss by a little and still do some damage
-It's hard to make great use of the area of effect when one enemy has to be center of the explosion.

It sort-of felt like a non-piercing version of the AWP which occasionally would do some damage to a nearby enemy and didn't instagib the fatties. The grenade launcher (which does less damage and with smaller splash than our rocket launcher did!) is much, much better.

And before you ask - yes, we did have lots of non-released seal hunter versions :)

Strategies / Re: Sealhunter Tactics!
« on: April 23, 2009, 08:53:46 PM »
Nice tactics, and I agree that part of the charm of the game is to find weird combos that work out.

In single player, my patented Hand Grenades ($1500) to Vintage Shotgun ($10000) has so far yielded a high score of 221878 and I challenge anyone to beat that with any other tech.

Interesting though, that it is actually possible to get $10k before the polar bear with grenades and not with MP5  :o

yes, I actually tried and only got about $9k when the polar bear came  :'(

Those gib bonuses do add up.

By the way, you should have about 5-5.5k after the penguins.

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