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The Seal Hunter Multiplayer Bible.
« on: March 24, 2011, 02:13:21 PM »
Hi guys! There have been a lot of talk about why low level players are being kicked once they join and in the game you can often see players who just mess everything up by playing as total arses. So I decided to write here some basic rules of a classic multiplayer teamplay that, from my experience, maximize a team's chances to win and have the most of fun. I do encourage you to continue this post, however, please do not post obvious or too team-specific rules here.
I hope this will help to increase the fun we all get and promote teamwork and courtesy among players out there.

So here is the bible:

1. Don't cheat, ever.

2. Choose an area on the screen (1/3 or 1/4 of the screen depending on the No of players), state it (say it) and stick to it. Do not move to other player's part (unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary).

3. Do not steal other player's monsters.

4. Be courteous when talking to other players and listen to what they say, especially if you have just joined.

4. AIM THE HEAD. ALWAYS. Especially in the first level. If you did not know, killing a seal with a pistol in the chest gives you $50 and takes 3-4 shots. Killing it IN THE HEAD takes 2 shots, first brings $10 and second gives $60 which makes $70 total. Overall killing seals in the head gives u 40% more income. And that is A LOT. Not killing seals in lvl 1 IN THE HEAD might be subject to a ban. Also don't stop there. Try and kill all monsters in the head afterwards. It gives from $10 and up to $50+ extra money from each monster. Moreover, if in lvl 1 u buy magnum, u can earn extra $10 by first shooting in their head with the pistol and then quickly switching to magnum and finishing them (total $85 from each seal) - see the legendary 'Seal Hunter Done' video on YouTube for the example.

4. If you see somebody with a high lvl (20+) still running with a pistol before the end of the lvl 1 - give him the first boss (meaning shoot the boss before it's life is only 5-10% and then stop shooting), the player is most likely saving for shotgun (which is very courteous of him as he could just by magnum and waste 500 of the team's money).

5. If you are a low level player and do not have access to at least AWP weapon and you are allowed to play with high lvl players (20+) ALWAYS buy shotgun and play ONLY with it till the end. Because those guys are playing to win, and shotgun is the only weapon that is potent up to lvl 4 including (with a decent teamwork). U can buy other weapons ONLY IF you are VERY good with them and you know it. There are no 'bad' weapons in TSH but some of them may harm the progress of you team in the majority of cases. For example, m79 is stealing money from the team (as well as grenades); Dual Macs are a very unsafe weapon because of its low accuracy and long reload time; M16 is unsafe in lvl5 as you may mess up the bears with it, so please try to avoid taking them.

6. In the end of level 2 (pay attention to the level line in the bottom of the screen) do not kill the last seal until everyone reloads their weapons.

7. If you ever make it to the final boss (the Walrus), DO NOT KILL the last fat seal till the very last moment and land mines in the approximate position of the Walrus' head. To do the former, always pay attention to the level line (bottom center of the screen) not to miss the end of the level. To plant mines, stand just above the center of the screen. You will most likely have other players doing it so you will be able to see the place. And of course don't forget to take mines in your loadout.
 One more thing here, yes Minigun makes more damage per second (DPS) than mines or AWP but it only inflicts damage when the Walrus is out and charging towards you (which is a very short period of time). When planting mines you preemptively create the damage zone, so it can be said that you are inflicting damage to the Walrus before it appears in the game. Therefore, it is more preferable to stick with a lower-DPS weapon but buy and plant TONES of  mines before the Walrus comes out rather than waste 12500 on Minigun in the very end and plant 3 mines.
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The Seal Hunter, as well as Seal hunter are rare examples of games made with love. I honestly respect the authors of these games and cannot even express how grateful I am to you for these masterpieces.

Thank you!

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Re: The Seal Hunter Multiplayer Bible.
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2012, 09:54:40 AM »
Not killing seals in lvl 1 IN THE HEAD might be subject to a ban
so that is the reason why i always get banned  ;D ps. fortunately, i do not give a fuck for lame hosts

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Re: The Seal Hunter Multiplayer Bible.
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2018, 10:50:48 AM »
This site is a great site with lots of knowledge for me to learn.